Acne Herbal Treatment



Acne vulgaris, or simple acne, is one of the most annoying skin conditions, which usually manifests when an individual enters the puberty stage. An increased secretion of sebum from the sweat glands causes blockage of the skin pores, resulting in different types of acne. The causes of acne are oily skin, hormonal changes, and hereditary predisposition. Besides washing the affected area twice daily, using minimum makeup, and avoiding irritation, there are certain herbal treatment options that can be done. When it comes to long-term effects and complications, herbal treatment is much safer in comparison to chemical formulations. By opting for the herbal method, you are using plant-based products that are healthy for the skin.
Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has proven to be best herbal acne treatment option. Studies conducted on tea tree oil have shown that it acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. Also, applying this natural oil promotes drying effect on the skin, thus reducing facial oiliness. You can use tea tree oil by adding few drops in skin care preparations.
Aloe Vera Extract – As we all are aware, aloe vera is a popularly used remedy for all sorts of skin related problems. It contains anti-inflammatory and ingredients that promote quick healing of the inflamed skin cells. You can purchase a product from a reputable brand of aloe vera extract, and apply it regularly over the affected skin portion for getting rid of acne and its scars.
Olive Leaf Extract – Olive leaf and its extract is frequently used for combating the complications of infections and fastening the recovery time of skin injury. It has also shown good results in treating acne. Regular use of olive leaf extracts in skin care preparations help in preventing frequent outbreaks of acne.
Papaya and Sesame Oil – Remove the skin of a ripe papaya and mash the fruit pulp in a small bowl. Apply this papaya mash over the affected area and wash it after 25 – 30 minutes. Following this, apply sesame oil on the face. This combination effect of papaya and sesame oil is good for getting rid of acne within 1 – 2 weeks.
Neem Extract – One of the best herbal acne treatments is applying neem extract over the affected skin area. Effective for all types of skin disorders, neem possesses detoxifying and antimicrobial properties. You can purchase neem extract and apply it twice daily. Using neem extract on a regular basis will aid in treating infections and acne.
Green Tea – The antioxidant property of green tea is useful in quick treatment of acne. Presence of polyphenol and epigallocatechin gallate help in reducing skin inflammation and bacterial infection, thus, reducing the healing process of acne and preventing new acne development. So, incorporate green tea instead of taking regular tea.
Cinnamon and Honey – Cinnamon and honey paste is a good herbal treatment for acne. In a small bowl, take pure cinnamon powder (without additives) and add honey drop by drop, stirring the mixture at same time, until you get a smooth paste. Apply this cinnamon honey paste before going to bed, and wash it next morning. You will see skin improvements within 2 weeks.
In addition to herbal remedies, consuming foods that are enriched with beta carotene, and refraining from oily foods are imperative for better response. If the problem persists or is severe, consult a qualified dermatologist.